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The 8 Attitudes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Attitude + Aptitude + Amplitude = Altitude in Business

The First Half: Demonstrate NEED 

Attitude #1: Be Reflective – Recognize your limitations:

Survival begins with the principal of need.  We tend to overlook our limitations.  We reject others’ points of view on our limitations.  Having a reflective attitude helps us recognize our incompleteness.  You can become complete through others. The attitude that is opposite of this attitude is pride.  Having a prideful attitude is a serious obstacle in business and personal survival.  Recognizing your limitations can cause pride to deflate.  Discovering your limitations is the beginning stage of being reflective.  Begin the process of being reflective by writing down what you think will happen when you make a key decision.  For the life of each goal, on a monthly and quarterly basis, compare your actual results with your expectations.  Through strong record keeping, you will begin to discover your shortcomings.  By being reflective and proactive, you will focus your resources on making a competent person a star performer.  Be Reflective.

Attitude #2: Be Regretful – Recognize your mistakes:

The next attitude is regret.  The principal for this attitude is brokenness.  Brokenness means your life is given in humility, and is open to whatever work needs to be done. People who are not broken seem to be flippant and curt.  They demonstrate little respect for authority.  These people fail to view the big picture.  They refuse to accept any form of blame. When you begin to be regretful, you can accomplish much.  Becoming broken purifies, teaches, and brings us closer to what really matters, professionally and personally. Experience the cleansing of regret.  Be Regretful. 

Attitude #3:  Be Resigned – Recognize the need to submit: 

By realizing that you are in need of being reflective and regretful for your mistakes, you can then become resigned to the limits of your own ability.  This may drive you to seek wise counsel.  The principal of this attitude is submission.  While discovering this attitude, you find the need for others.  To submit is to be willing to yield to others.  By submitting, you will find that everyone has good ideas and is vital to the success of all.  Be Resigned. 

Attitude #4:  Be Right – Recognize the need to find truth: 

The fourth attitude is to meet the standard of what is right.  The principal is that of yearning to seek the truth. The opposite of yearning is apathy towards the pursuit of truth.  It is the state of indifference between what is true and false.Realize that yearning is an intense emotion.  Sometimes we shy away from the emotion because we are viewed as less stable. One who yearns for truth will find it.  Right leads to might, and 
falseness leads to failure.  Be Right.

The Second Half: To GIVE

Attitude #5:  Be a Reciprocator – Recognize that giving is its own reward: 

This attitude, the first of the last four that demand action, is outward, and is to become a reciprocator. Reciprocity is the principle of both giving and taking something. Society seems to have a “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” mentality.  If one gives to get he is not truly giving.  If you are not really giving, you will never feel like you have received enough.  You need to learn to give without expecting anything in return.  Be a Reciprocator. 

Attitude #6:  Be Righteous – Recognize the outcome of being right: 

The sixth attitude is to be righteous.  This principle contains the aspect of having morality.  Webster’s dictionary reports that the “heart” in the definition of righteous means “the whole personality.”  When we speak of a person as being big-hearted or having no heart, we talk about the person’s morals. Your heart becomes your words.  Your words become your actions.  Your actions become your habits.  Your habits become your morals.As we interact with people on our climb, our attitudes must be consistent. Circumstances and situations ought never to change morals.  The compass that directs the heart should be never changing.  Be Righteous. 

Attitude #7:   Be Reconciled – Recognize the work to bring peace: 

The next attitude is to be reconciled, seeking unity.  The principle balances seeking peace in our own lives, as well as in others. Sometimes we resist reconciliation because we fear compromise.  Consider that compromise is in fact dangerous.  We have seen in the past that these values are driven from the heart. Some fears of compromising are that of changing how we do things.  We tend to become more attached to our ways, rather than our morals. We must compromise without losing our morals and values. The benefits of peace are unity among our colleagues and the acceptance of others.  Be Reconciled.

Attitude #8:  Be Reproached – Set aside yourself for the common good: 

The final attitude is being selfreproached; which is the action of being open to preferring others to “self.” The opposite is driving to gain short-term honor from other people.  This drive to gain brings a temporary satisfaction that leads to discontentment. The principle behind self reproach is the giving of oneself for the higher purpose.  All other attitudes for survival mentioned above lead up to this principle.  The direct result of this attitude is high self-esteem, because you willingly set yourself aside for the good of others.

There is no better way to insure that we have added value to our lives than by approaching the journey with 
the right attitudes.  Surround yourself with true survivors who illuminate the correct attitudes, those climbing attitudes.  As author and speaker Charlie "Tremendous" Jones says, “You will be the same in five years as you are today except for the people that you meet and the books that you read."  Let your attitudes in life guide your climb from beginning to peak. 

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A Publication of the Maryland Small Business Development Center Network

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