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Characteristic of Colours - Red, Orange, Yellow

So, though at the first sight a colour is just a colour, and a rose is just a rose, in fact, colour signals are much more complex. And as soon as you comprehend all hues of colour signals, you'll be able not only to interpret them but also to manipulate them. You'll be able to use colour signals to form certain impression and receive desirable respond.

First, let us consider signals of basic spectrum colours - red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. After that we will turn to more neutral colours - white, gray, black, beige and brown.

Each colour sends more than one signal. Some colours send positive signals, the others send negative ones.

We will discuss both positive and negative colours.


Among the spectrum colours, red causes the most intensive physiological reaction - i.e. speeding up the heart-beating. Red colour won't allow you to pass by, it attracts attention and controls situation. In all world cultures with the development of the language red acquire its name in the first place after white and black.

Let's talk about the conception of "warm" colours. Red is the main warm colour. Sometimes it really create the sense of warmth. The room with walls painted red (or, at least, pink) requires less heating, the a room painted cold colour, for example, blue. During many years red colour was used for festive table-cloth, because it aroused warm feeling and warmed those sitting at the table.

In wild nature red colour is the colour of abundance, the colour of ripe berries and tomatoes, the colour of rubies and garnet, the colour of poppy and puansettiya. Don't forget that it is also the colour of blood, hence - the colour of religious sacrifice, the colour of the heart and flame.

Red produces strong emotions. The character of these emotions depends on the situation, however, no matter what association you have with the red colour, there is no doubt in the strength of those emotions.

Red colour is usually connected with love and rage. As for sensuality, the red is so popular, that men often choose underwear for their loves. Red is often connected with festivals and fun. Ancient Egyptians started the tradition, which is alive by now: festivals and weekends are marked by the red colour. We also use red to mark the thing to pay attention.

Red colour also warns us about danger and about readiness to face this danger. Red has been long used in military uniform, and the red planet has been called after the God of War - Mars.

This is a very strong colour, which affects a human being and leaves nobody indifferent.
Pink colour connected with red, in fact, it is its hue - a mixture of red and white. Change in colour signal perception when transition from red to pink is perfectly typical for any transition from bright colour to pastel one. That's why pink is perceived as gentle, soft charming and feminine. We talk about this colour right here to show, how any change in hues - adding either white, gray or black to any basic colour - can change the meaning of the signal sent.

Pink, as well as red, can be warm and stimulating. It is perceived as romantic and sensual, that's why it is often used for underwear - particularly its bright hue. Pink can be also considered as frivolous and cheerful.

Keep in mind, however, that all these shades of meanings are very vague and individual. The researches show that about 27 per cent from 5 thousand recipients declared that they associate pink with fragility.


Orange as well as red belongs to warm colours. It also makes the heart go faster. Orange is a very bright colour, it always attracts attention, that's why different road services use it in their uniform.

This colour is generally associated with spice, piquancy. That is the word, which defines our attitude towards orange colour. Spices are used sparingly. The same with orange colour.

Orange in a small amount arouses thoughts about joy, fun and bright sun. Plenty of orange seems impudent. And plenty of impudence looks vulgar and cheap.

There are, however, certain peculiarities in perception of orange colour. Often, orange is associated with with low price and availability. Not without reason, this colour is widely used in nets of fast-food restaurants.

Except of sparing use of orange, we can offer to use its hues. Pastel orange is rather close to peachy colour, which is associated with freshness and health, natural complexion and cosmetics.

As for more brown hues, such as terracotta, they are perceived as natural, restrained, as the colour of tan. Exotic countries and objects, such as Turkish carpets, spices and vases from distant lands, occur to one's mind instantly.


Yellow colour worries and attracts attention, as it is one of the brightest of all spectrum colours. This is the colour, which people notice first.

That's why yellow is used for warning signs and school buses. Taxies are often of yellow colour. Lots of people like yellow - there is no wonder that yellow mobile phones are wide spread.

Black and yellow expresses danger. The combination of these colours is used for the sign warning about the danger of radiation. It must be also mentioned that black letters on yellow background are easy to read. That is why a very popular telephone directory is called 'Yellow Pages'. When we see yellow colour, we immediately understand that there is something new. Yellow always gives a signal about new things.
There is a lot of yellow colour in nature. We see it everywhere. The sun, lemons, corn, saffron, flame, ripe wheat, maple wood, butter and fatty cream. There is no wonder that people perceive yellow as the colour of hospitality, generosity and comfort.

Yellow is also associated with fun, joy, amusement and festivals. However, it can be quite ruthless and tires quickly if it is in excesses.

The other disadvantage of yellow colour is that it is connected with cowardice. In the Middle Ages paintings Judas was being depicted dressed in yellow. Moreover it is very often associated with unscrupulousness - for example, when it comes to yellow press.

Yellow colour is used as colour accent. But if we add to it a bit of white colour we will be able to use it as much as we want. Cream and beige are the safest colours in any amount - and they are the hues of yellow.

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