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How To Negotiate With The Four Personality Types

The Four Social Styles And How You Should Negotiate With Them :

Driver .The Director.

• Assertive but not responsive

• Task rather than people oriented.

• Decisive and determined

• Controlled emotions

• Set on efficiency and effectiveness.

• Likes control, often in a hurry.

• Firm, stable relationships

• Stubborn, tough.

• Impatient.

• Inflexible poor listener.

To Negotiate With Drivers:

• Plan to ask questions about and discuss specifics, actions and results.

• Use facts and logic.

• When necessary, disagree with facts rather than opinions. Be assertive.

• Keep it business-like, efficient and to the point.

• Personal guarantees and testimonials are least effective, better to provide options and facts.

• Do not invade personal space.

Expressive. The Socialiser.

• Assertive and responsive.

• Reactive, impulsive, decisions spontaneous, intuitive

• Placing more importance on relationships than tasks

• Emotionally expressive, sometimes dramatic.

• Flexible agenda, short attention span, easily loved.

• Enthusiastic.

• Strong persuasive skills, talkative and gregarious.

• Optimistic; takes risks.

• Creative.

To Negotiate With Expressives:

• Seek opinions in an area you wish to develop to achieve mutual understanding.

• Discussion should be people as well as fact oriented.

• Keep summarising . work out specifics on points of agreement.

• Try short, fast moving experience stories.

• Make sure to pin them down in a friendly way.

• Remember to discuss the future as well as the present.

• Look out for the impulse buy.

Amiable The Supporter.

• Not assertive but responsive.

• Dependent on others.

• Respectful, willing and agreeable.

• Emotionally expressive.

• Everyone's friend; supportive; soft-hearted.

• Low risk taker, likes security

• Group builder.

• Over sensitive.

• Not goal orientated.

To Negotiate With Amiables:

• Work, jointly, seek common ground.

• Find out about personal interests and family.

• Be patient and avoid going for what looks like an easy pushover.

• Use personal assurance and specific guarantees and avoid options and probabilities.

• Take time to be agreeable.

• Focus discussion on .how.

• Demonstrate low risk solutions.

• Don't take advantage of their good nature.

Analytical The Clinician.

• Not assertive, not responsive.

• Precise, orderly and business-like.

• Rational and co-operative.

• Self-controlled and serious.

• Motivated by logic and facts.

• Not quick to make decisions.

• Distrusts persuasive people.

• Like things in writing and detail.

• Security conscious.

• Critical, aloof, sceptical.

• Excellent problem solver.

• Likes rigid timetables.

To Negotiate With Analyticals:

• Take action rather than words to demonstrate helpfulness and willingness.

• Stick to specifics . Analyticals expect salesmen to overstate.

• Their decisions are based on facts and logic and they avoid risk.

• They can often be very co-operative, but established relationships take time.

• Consider telling them what the product won't do . they will respect you for it, and they will have spotted the deficiencies anyway.

• Discuss reasons and ask why? questions.

• Become less responsive and less assertive yourself.

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