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KENALI DIRI : Mengenali Personaliti Individu Berdasarkan Jenis Darah

Saya ada membuat sedikit pembacaan tentang jenis darah dan diet yang sesuai untuk setiap jenis darah tersebut di laman-laman web khususnya penulisan Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo dalam lamannya (Eat Right For Your Type). Dalam search tentang bahan berkaitan, terjumpa satu keyword dalam Google Search tentang tajuk di bawah ini.
Dipetik dari laman :
The Personalities of Each Blood Types
Type O
Strongly purpose-oriented
Straight desire
Conscious of power relationship
Know how to take chances
Dislike to be subordinate

The Characteristics of TYPE O People (November 20, 1997)
Strongly purpose-oriented
Straight desire
Concious of power relationship
Know how to take chances
Dislike to be subordinate
Realisic judgment and action
Straight-line thinking
Strong fellow feeling
Personal contact
Extemely cautious to non-fellows
Prefer individualistic things
Self-assertion and Self-expression
Great command of language
Act on the basis of fundamental rules
Control one's feeling easily
Strongly concious of the society
Straighty show one's feeling

My summary from Mr. Masahiko NOMI's book "Ketsueki-gata Josei Hakusho" (Blood Type Woman White Paper).

Personality difference of men and women is almost nonexistent. However, Type O people are strongly concious of sex distinction. A Type-O woman who seems boyish thinks she is a woman after all. On the contraly, if a Type-AB person seems to manly or feminine, s/he seldom considers sex distinctions.
The strength of the consciousness in terms of men and women is the indication of natural nature of Type O. However, Type O personality is *not* primitive but natural. In other words, natural means human. As it is becoming Type A, Type B and Type AB, parting nature little by little and parts human.
A Type-O woman sometimes considered to be not feminine. Because natural difference of personality between men and women is small, but social difference is large. A Type-O person give priority to one's life and action, first of all. Various personality trends of Type O are led from there.
Surprisingly strong reality, those are Type O. Reality gropes the most advantageous actions continually to exist and distinguish plus and minus quickly and be good decisiveness and adopt them.
It becomes purpose-orientated nature of Type O, when this reality take an action. It is the trend that breaks through to the purpose on real life intensively. For example, a purpose to occupation and jobs, a purpose to seek the opposite sex, especially a purpose to the power. Type-O person does't show zeal, to the purpose that is isolated from life.
When such purpose is nonexistent, a Type-O person gets into awfully unstable mood. If the situation continues so long, s/he becomes like a cat in a sunny place.
Although Type-O person likes romantic expression and such things, it is raising the actual effects that drives s/he to realistic actions. Type-O person has the double personalities, romantic temperament and realistic. But this is very superficial view. A romantic thought usually doesn't become to an action.

I haven't really seen all the above characteristics. But fellow feeling, conciousness of sex distinction, generosity, reality and purpose-orentation are the vivid characteristics.

Type A
Considerate about everything
Prefer peaceful human relations
Slow to trust people
Observe social rules and customs
Regard social order as important
Restrain action and expression

The Characteristics of TYPE A People (November 20, 1997)

Considerate about everything
Prefer peaceful human relations
Slow to trust people
Observe social rules and customs
Regard social order as important
Restrain action and expression
Apt to think conventionally
Pessimistic about the future
Tries to be optimistic about the past
Endure continuous effort
Weak at maintaining the status quo
Weak at keeping continuous and intensive interest
Emotional wounds heal slowly
Strong desire for transformation
Seek one's raison d'etre
Make a distinction between right and wrong
Attentive to one's own security
Less expressive than Type O and Type B

My summary from Mr. Masahiko NOMI's book "Ketsueki-gata Josei Hakusho" (Blood Type Woman White Paper).

Basic personality of Type A is rather difficult to describe. However, there are two major ones: 1) sensitiveness to the society and 2) safe consciousness.
The former equals with Type O's sensitiveness to the power. The range of the "society" differs by individuals. Japanese proverb says "the shame of a trip is threw away". It is really for Type As. It is the trip that Type As get out from the society.
As for Type A, there are many "honor students". Type-A people usually respect the customs, rules and common sense. However, to the contrary, some Type-A people repels worldly things. Both come from the sensitiveness to the society. Generally, the former is seem to occupy majority. There is -- maybe due to racial difference -- impression that there are more strong active Type As in Westerners.
Another personality, perfectionism, already appears in even infant period. The perfectionism is applied to everyone. Even scrupulousness, elaborateness, prudence etc. are born from the strong sense of responsibility and independence. On the other hands, perfectionism for other people is easily to become a 'Type A of nag'.
The perfectionism and the unyielding nature is easily combined to form argumentative personality. The fame of obstinate stubbornness prevails. Type A seldom apologizes. Gentleness and stubbornness, these may be one of the Type A's of double nature.

I have many comments because there are many Type As around me. First of all, the fundamental characteristic of Type A is the "intensity of internal feeling" and logic of "should be". I think that Japanese "family" culture which distinguishes "in" and "out" is from Type A. If perfectionism appears well, a person becomes an honor student. Also, even "Wa" -- the core culture of Japan -- is from Type A. Foreigners (Westerners?) are said to have strong feeling of self-assertion than Japanese. If one is in "assert-oneself" culture, Type A becomes self assertive, as Type A is deeply concerned with the society.
But I am impressed with Type A's careful and warmhearted nature many times.

Type B
Dislike restrictions and one's own way
Non-stereotyped action
Non-stereotyped thinking
Self-conscious and not warped expressions
Makes less distinction of things
Not conscious of circumstances
Don't care social rules and customs

The Characteristics of TYPE B People (November 20, 1997)
Dislike restrictions and one's own way
Non-stereotyped action
Non-stereotyped thinking
Self-conscious and not warped expressions
Makes less distinction of things
Not conscious of circumstances
Don't care social rules and customs
Rapid action
Judge by correctness
Pragmatic and Objective thinking
Continuous, intensive and wide-ranging interest
Apt to stick to the past
Optimistic about the future
Straightly show one's feeling -- less than Type O and more than Type A and AB
Emotional wounds heal fast and completely
Less domestic inclination
Life which give the priority to one's interest
Easily absorbed to the one's interests
Not very ambitious -- less than Type O and A, more than Type AB

My summary from Mr. Masahiko NOMI's book "Ketsueki-gata Josei Hakusho" (Blood Type Woman White Paper).

There are both frank and unsociable Type Bs. Type Bs are retiring preferably like the latter, or acquires attitude without greetings like the former -- for Type Bs, it is hard to acquire the manners and greetings that suits to surroundings and the society. One easily understands both Type Bs are familiar and do not discriminate, believe people, before long. The opening nature is the common feature of Type B.
Type B's primary fundamental personality is less concerned with the society and surroundings in contrast with Type A.
Not-concerned-with-surroundings personality cause Type B's my pace actions. S/he dislikes to be complied with minor rules, restrained and constrained extremely. Strong interest means full of enjoying heart. A Type-B person does not considers profit and loss like Type O or it does not calculate worldly value like Type A. As interest is directed to the external world, thought becomes scientific and practical with respecting facts. A Type- B person is not influenced by common sense or customs, so s/he has wide and flexible comprehension power.
Type B is not able to be stable. Even if it is seen as stable, whether or not it is moving a body continually, it uses its brain continuously.
Type B's emotion changes sensitively. It is able to comprehend other people's situation and have interest without subjectivity. So it is compassionate and sometimes it takes action instantly. However, Type B's emotion is not strong. It only seems so, because it expresses and doesn't restrain when a feeling breaks out.
Although it sometimes clings to the thought of oneself terribly stubbornly. In this case, Type B shows stubbornness.

Actually, there are not much Type Bs around me, so I haven't confirmed all the above description. But I feel a little bit easy when I am with Type B (I am Type AB). I need not to care when I am with Type B, while I need to be cautious, to some degree, when I am with Type O and Type A, although it depends on people.

Type AB
Rational thinking
Good critic and analyst
To participate and contribute to the society
Good at adjusting human relations
Hope to be in harmony with the society
Feels distant from the society

The Characteristics of TYPE AB People (November 20, 1997)
Rational thinking
Good critic and analyst
To participate and contribute to the society -- by obtaining a role
Good at adjusting human relations
Hope to be in harmony with the society and the people
Ask other people's opinions to decide important questions
Control one's feeling socially
Inwardly emotional
Feels distant from the society
Dislike hypocrites
Intensive but not continuous interest
Consider problems from many other angles
Fairy-tale and fanciful traits
Not absorbed to anything
Rational economic life
Steady life
Avoid power struggle
Tries to treat people fairly
Least expressive of all
Have less attachment to one's life

My summary from Mr. Masahiko NOMI's book "Ketsueki-gata Josei Hakusho" (Blood Type Woman White Paper).

There is a superstition that "Type AB is genius or fool". This is an expression that Type AB is completely unknown. Needless to say, this is not true. Type AB is a person of common sense more than the other types.
The No.1 personality of Type AB is the two-facedness. One is to have competence and strength, and to participate in the society faithfully. The other is phases of sudden feelings, unrealistic actions of capricious willfulness.
I want to raise the rational thinking for Type AB's basic parts, too. This is seen coldhearted, when too much appears in attitudes. This cooperates with Type AB's trend to be less absorbed to anything. As for Type AB, there are not a sense of togetherness with the society and group, even if participation desire to the society is enthusiastic. That is the place where a clear line is drawn from Type O and Type A.
It seems that Type AB wants to participate in the society to secure its stable life. Type AB most requires mental and economic stability. And there are many cases it makes its regular image (or mask) to join to the society. It resembles that many students or employees usually wear their uniforms.
It is able to choose any image but it usually chooses soft and sociable one for smooth society participation. Many Type ABs make smiling and soft images. As a result, men seem gentle although less manly, women seem famine in addition to gentle, which seems women got a little profits. But both are only superficial.
Although someone sees images as the double personality of Type AB, it is not right. The proof: Type AB takes off its image easily, to the people who became a little bit familiar to.

The above descriptions are correct, because I am a Type AB person. First of all, it is the distant feeling from the society that Type AB's fundamental trend. Therefore, it decided to make a good external image, because there is not the sense of togetherness with the society. As I am writing, I recalled the tale of Japanese immigrant to America. The 'nisei' seemed to be more like American, to melt to American society smoothly and get civil rights. Mr. NOMI also says "Type AB takes off image easily, to the people who became a little bit familiar to." This depends on the case. Some ABs take of their images easily and others do not. I am the latter. :-p

Artikel lain yang berkaitan :
1. Pengasas kajian ini : (maklumat dari Wikipedia)
Masahiko Nomi (能見正比古 Nomi Masahiko, Mr Bag July 18, 1925 - October 30, 1981) was a Japanese journalist who advocated Takeji Furukawa's idea of Japanese blood type theory of personality.[1] He was also known as a sumo essayist.

Nomi was born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa in 1925. He graduated from the engineering faculty of Tokyo University, and after the graduation he enrolled to the law faculty of the same university. During this time he started his career as a writer.

His first book on the subject, Ketsueki-gata de Wakaru Aisho (Understanding Affinity by Blood Type) became a best seller in 1971. He wrote more than ten popular books. After his death in 1981, his son, Toshitaka Nomi inherited the study.[2]

2. Can your blood type shape your personality?
Tom Keenan, For The Calgary Herald
Published: Thursday, February 05, 2009

Japan is a delightful country for bizarre medical crazes. First, they have a legally recognized disease called karoshi, the mainly male phenomenon of death from overwork. Then there's hikkikomori, in which young Japanese guys lock themselves behind closed doors for a year or two, playing video games and emerging only late at night to go to the corner store. And late last year, a banana diet fad stripped grocery store shelves bare, producing a nationwide shortage of the fruit.

The latest mania sweeping the country may be the strangest of all. It's called "blood type humanics," and it's the subject of several of the bestselling books in Japan. In fact, many Japanese take this so seriously that you're liable to be asked for your blood type when you go on a date or apply for a job.

Proponents of this theory, inspired by the ideas of engineer Masahiko Nomi, claim that "blood type and human character can be related somehow." According to the Human Science ABO Center's website "Nomi kept his eye on people in every human relationship, including family, friends, business, etc., to observe them through his specific lens-- blood type."His findings were published in a 1971 book, and his son Toshitaka now keeps the movement alive.

3. Japanese Blood Types and Personality

Every Japanese celebrity writeup and every anime character description with any claim to authority gives the person's (or character's) blood type. Why? Because, thanks to a remarkable bit of Science! by a gentleman named Furukawa Takeji, the Japanese believe that a person's blood type affects their personality.

Each blood type has a personality profile. These profiles—which I took from a site whose location is long since lost in the mists of time, my apologies—are:

Type A

People with blood type A have a deep-rooted strength that helps them stay calm in a crisis when everyone else is panicking. However, they tend to avoid confrontation, and feel very uncomfortable around people. A types are shy and sometimes withdrawn. They seek harmony and are very polite, but all the same feel that they never really fit in with others. A types are very responsible. If there is a job to be done, they prefer to take care of it themselves. These people crave success and are perfectionists. They are also very creative, and the most artistic of all the blood types, most likely because of their sensitivity.

People with blood type A are also likely to be considered classic "type A's": stressed and conscientious. In anime, people like Hotohori are type A's.

The Third Hokage, Haruno Sakura, Hotohori, Heero Yui, Keiko (Kayko) Yukimura

Type B

People with blood type B are the most practical of the blood groups. They are specialists in what they do. When they start a project, they spend extra time understanding and trying to follow directions than others might. When they are doing something, all of their attention is focused on it. They tend to stick to a goal and follow it through to the end, even if it seems impossible. They tend to be less than cooperative, as they like to follow their own rules and their own ideas. They are individualists. B type people pay attention to their thoughts a little more than their feelings, and therefore can sometimes seem cold and serious.

People with blood type B are often considered more relaxed, freewheeling, and unconventional than other types, although not necessarily to an unacceptable degree. In anime, the genki, off-the-wall types are type B, along with any kind of well-intended character who's ruled by their impulses.

Naruto, Duo Maxwell, Miaka, Nuriko, Tasuki, Sagara Sanosuke

Type O

People with blood type O people are outgoing, energetic and social. They are the most flexible of the blood types. They easily start up projects but often have trouble following through because they give up easily. They are flighty and not too dependable. O types always say what's on their mind. They value the opinion of others and like to be the center of attention. Also, people with O blood are extremely self-confident.

Type O, the most "average" blood type, is considered the best type in Japan.

Quatre, Sailor Moon, Saito Hajime, Kamiya Kaoru, Tamahome

Type AB

People with blood type AB are hard to categorize. They can have characteristics on both ends of the spectrum at the same time. For instance, they are both shy and outgoing. They easily switch from one opposite to another. AB people are trustworthy and responsible, but can't handle it when too much is asked of them. They don't mind doing favors or helping out, as long as its on their own conditions. People with this blood type are interested in art and metaphysics.

AB is considered the worst blood type. In predictability-loving Japan, they're loose cannons. They also like to set their own conditions and reserve the right to drop out when things don't meet their expectations. They're known to be sensitive and considerate—at times—but it just isn't enough to balance out the flaws in this blood type. For a while, some companies tried dividing their employees into work groups based on blood type, and no one wanted to work with the AB group. Anime villains are likely to be type AB.

Uchiha Sasuke, Hongo Yui, Tomo, Trowa Barton, Kenshin

A is most compatible with A and AB.

B is most compatible with B and AB.

AB is most compatible with AB, B, A, and O.

O is most compatible with O and AB.

The idea that blood type determines personality has been dying out slowly in Japan. At the same time, the West has finally noticed the potential of blood typing. We haven't quite cottoned onto the idea that blood type is related to personality, but there's a growing belief in fad diets that teach that each blood type evolved at a certain point in human history, so people with that blood type should eat the diet most common among humans at that point. Instead of balanced, nicely average O's, we have savage cavemen hunching around the fire and tearing at hunks of meat; solid-citizen type A's become "docile vegetarians" as well; bouncy type B's get to indulge in ice cream and cheese; and type AB's, as always, are half one thing and half another, and get to eat vegan food or dairy-and-everything-else—IF it suits them. Blood type diets are worth looking into if only to imagine your favorite characters' reactions to their new diets.

4. Blood Type and Personality

There are four blood types: O, A, AB and B, with blood type A being the most common where so much research on blood types have been focused -- in Japan. In fact, 74% of the Japanese are blood type A. I find it interesting that the Japanese diet very much favors those with blood type A.

"B" type, the second most common blood type, does not do well on soy, or soba (buckwheat) common foods eaten in Japan. Fish is an important protein for B's and the Japanese consume more fish that any country in the world. Lamb, an important protein for B's, is not available there.

Here are some examples of blood type and personality, based on James and Peter D'Adamo's work:
Blood Type A - Tend to be cooperative, sensitive, clever, passionate and smart. Often bottling up anxiety in order to get along with others, they may hold in their emotions until they explode. Many are tense, impatient and unable to sleep well. While they are capable of leadership positions, they may not take them because the stress is not good for their tightly wired systems. In Japan many "A"'s are in research. They have roles in discovering more about and refining science, economics, manufacturing, etc. Their research on microflora and other areas of medicine is some of the best and most meticulous in the world. They are perfectionists to say the least. This quality shows up in their perfecting electronics like TV's and also less expensive more efficient cars that were originally created here in the US.

Blood type A's tend to have more sensitive constitutions. Too much stress weakens their immunity more quickly than other blood types. Low stomach acid is common among blood type A's even from birth, so special care should be taken when eating animal proteins. Using digestive enzymes, like Assist Dairy and Protein, along with consuming fermented foods and drinks is really a must for A's. It is not surprising to me that fermented foods like Miso and Natto play an important role in providing easily digested protein, in the Japanese Diet. They also eat raw fish which is much easier to digest than cooked.
Blood Type B - Blood type B individuals tend to be balanced: thoughtful like A's and yet ambitious like O's. They are empathetic, easily understanding others' points of view, yet often hesitating to challenge or confront. Chameleon-like and flexible, they make good friends.

Peter D'Adamo found that While their immunity is strong, they are more prone to slow-growing viral infections like lupus, MS and chronic fatigue.

They may also have problems with hypoglycemia and blood sugar, especially if they eat the wrong foods.
Blood Type AB - Tend to be very charming and popular. They don't sweat the small stuff and can be seen as spiritual and even at times a bit "flaky". Only about 2 - 5% of the population are blood type AB. There is never a dull moment in a AB's life, so if you find one for a friend, consider yourself lucky! Youll enjoy some exciting times together!

Like blood type A's, AB's react to stress poorly. They are stronger and more active than type A's, but need to pay attention to stress levels so that they don't compromise their immunity.

Sometimes it is difficult to be an AB. AB's don't like to fit in anyone else's "boxes". If they feel too confined, they'll break out of that box and do things their own way. When it comes to food choices and AB must discover when they are more B-like or A-like. For example, dairy foods like milk kefir can be excellent for them or not good at all.
Blood Type O - Tend to be loners or leaders and are intuitive, focused, self-reliant and daring. They handle stress better than other blood types and have strong immune systems, a well developed physique and a physically active nature. Blood type O's tend to have sluggish blood flow and feel better with vigorous exercise for about an hour each day.

Read the Body Ecology Diet for guidelines on what foods to eat and avoid based on your blood type.

Obviously many other factors influence your personality. I think you will find like me that these blood type theories are quite fascinating. Do your own subjective research and see if you agree or disagree.

To find out more about blood types, including what foods to eat and avoid and ideal exercise, be sure to read The Body Ecology Diet.

In 1994, I began writing about blood type and diet in the 1st edition of The Body Ecology Diet. When Peter D'Adamo's book, Eat Right For Your Type came out in 1996, we began to get questions on some of the conflicting information in the two books.

Based on our years of working with clients to create a system of health and healing, I feel that the Body Ecology system expands upon Peter's work and goes further toward helping you know and care for your body.

Experiment and Be Your Own Guide

While Body Ecology believes that the blood type theory can provide clues to your diet and health, this is a theory so therefore, still in development. The Body Ecology Diet offers a series of guidelines about your blood type so that you can safely experiment. Hopefully you know your blood type -- if not its worth finding out (via your doctor, for example).

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