Wednesday, September 9, 2009

KUASA MINDA : Healing Power of the Mind – The Best Medicine

When you have just recovered from illness like heart attack, stroke, your doctor will always give you advice on how to regain back your health. These advices can be quit smoking, a balanced diet and regular exercise and also take your medicine regularly.. However, other than these advices, the healing power of the mind is also an essential and powerful weapon and medicine to your road to recovery. In 2002, the Mayo Clinic done a research and reported that people who are pessimistic about life don’t live as long and happily as optimistic people. The finding confirms what health professionals have believed for a long time. People who expect the worst and think of negative thoughts have more trouble coping with significant illness. Hopeful and optimistic people who are excited about their recovery recover more quickly and live more active lives. Bottom line: stay in touch with your mind, be in constant positive thought to activate the healing power of the mind.

How do constantly think of positive and healthy thoughts? First, determine on an easy task and take small and stable step to accomplishing it. Reward and take a break every time you achieve your target. Take note of your stress levels. If you become angry, feel hopeless or numb yourself through addictive behavior, actively adopt a brighter outlook. Just remember that though you do not have the power to control what really happens in your life, you have the power to take a positive response to the matter. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish, the places you want to go and the people you want to see and do something fun to stimulate a positive perspective.

You can make your mind to rapidly change your thoughts from negative to positive. If you find yourself thinking about your disabilities of your body, stop and start to appreciate all the things it can do and feel the excitement in you growing. Seriously limit or even stop going out with negative people unless they change. Try this exercise: Every time you stop at a light while you are driving, listen to your self talk. If you are thinking about a fight with your spouse, replaying a stressful and painful thought at work, or beating yourself up for running late to your next appointment, replace those thoughts by thinking about something good that happened during your day. Feel the joy in you. The healing power of the mind begins with your positive thoughts. Your mind is the most effective medicine to illnesses and constantly stay in touch with it.

You may ask if there is any connections between negative thoughts and illnesses. Well, I personally believe it does. When there is mental unrest, it affects the body as well. A physical symptom is a signal which your body is communicating to you to tell you that something is wrong and has to be dealt with. It is bringing to your attention a problem in your emotions, thinking or environment that is non-beneficial or harmful to you, so you can face it and resolve it.

Illnesses arise because the result of being ignorant of the constant signals our bodies alert us. When they become more serious, most people will then take actions to consciously change their state of mind to recovering it. However, there are still stubborn people who refuse to take action to change their mental and physical state.

Be aware of what your body is trying to tell you. You also need to know that your body and mind works as one. Either one can lead and the other will follow. But the mind is the overall in charge. The power of your mind has the ability and capability to override the body. Simply put, when you are always indulge in negative thoughts, illness arise faster.

Having the mindset that all your thoughts and emotions control your physical well-being rather than the other way around is to represent things in a way that empowers you. Think of things that empowers you rather than the other way around. When your mind is filled with positive thoughts, you have the the healing power of the mind on your side. When your mind is being controlled by negative thoughts, you are being controlled by the negative thoughts.

The most effective way to real and quick healing is to be healed both mentally and emotionally rather than just working on curing the physical ailment. The system of psychoneuroimmunology (the way the mind affects the nervous system which in turn affects the immune system).

Remember the best and the least expensive medicine to recovery of any illness is the healing power of the mind. Harness your mind power today!

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