Wednesday, September 9, 2009

KUASA MINDA : Self Hypnosis -The 9 Things You Should Really Know

1. Self-hypnosis is a skill that everyone should and can learn. You do not need to hire or go to a certified hypnotherapist to do self-hypnosis. self-hypnosis is a skill where you are in a trance and that everyone can master. Self-hypnosis is not about mind controlling others.

2. The way we think will determine the way we act. We determine our own future through the way we think. The more positive we are, the more we act like a champion or a winner. The more negative we are, the more we act like a loser, a wimp. You can change all this through self-hypnosis, putting yourself in a trance, reprogram your subconscious mind power and live life again.

3. During the process of self-hypnosis, you can remember what happening around you and hear everything around you. The depth of your trance will vary between people. You many be in a very light trance like daydreaming or a deep one like you are sleeping. self-hypnosis is nothing much but a nice feeling of letting go. So you do not have to worry about being mind control or unable to remember what you have say to yourself. It all make perfect sense and yes self-hypnosis is not about mind controlling others.

4. Everyone of you has the right and power to use self-hypnosis to have a healthier mind and body. A typical human being only utiises about one tenth of his brain power. self-hypnosis may be one of the ways to fully unlock the full potential of our mind and bring unlimtited benefits to the individual.

By the way, I personally believe that everyone can performed self-hypnosis and be hypontized. A simple example of self-hypnosis is that we daydream(a form of light trance), lose concentration and in a trance. Self-hypnosis is not about mind controlling others.

5. Nobody even the most skilled and talented hypnotherapist can mind control you or manipulate you in anyway. The hypnotherapist is only there to guide in if you need help in self-hypnosis and put you in a trance. You are the one who is fully in control of your mind and situation. You do have to remember that stage shows are done with VOLUNTEERS when you see stage hypnotherapist doing their stuff.Self-hypnosis is not about mind controlling others.

6. Power of self-hypnosis is unimaginable. self-hypnosis has a huge potential. Many successful people use self-hypnosis to motivate themselves and see themselves being successful. Before any competition, successful athletes used self-hypnosis to bring themselves into the right state. The state of motivation, passion, focus and determination.

7. You can change your internal belief systems through self-hypnosis. Beliefs that have been deeply implanted into you like " You are worthless, you don’t deserve to be loved" can be change. With self-hypnosis, you finally have the power to rid of these unwanted beliefs.

8. With self-hypnosis, you can have a much better and natural anesthesia of your body after a surgery. The comfortable level of anesthesia learned and achieved self-hypnosis happen too often to be considered pure luck.

9. Self-hypnosis can certainly change your life and make anyone a better person. Practice it and start living again.

In conculsion, self-hypnosis is an excellent tool to change your life around. You can become a new person if you believe in self-hypnosis and practice it everyday. Self-hypnosis is not about mind controlling others. Start TODAY!

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